Chapter 01: Sets

Sets are all around us, even in our daily lives! In this course we study some definitions and operations involving sets.

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+ Introduction

+ Sets and their Representations

+ Empty Set

+ Finite and Infinite Sets

+ Equal Sets

+ Subset:
Subsets of set of real numbers
Intervals as subsets of R

+ Power Set

+ Universal Set

+ Venn Diagrams

+ Operations on Sets:
Union of sets
Intersection of sets

+ Some Properties of Operation of Intersection: (Commutative law, Associative law, Law of Ø and U, Idempotent law, Distributive law)

+ Difference of sets

+ Complement of a Set

+ Some Properties of Complement Sets (Complement laws, De Morgan’s law, Law of double complementation, Laws of empty set and universal set)

+ Examples


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